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Orhan Pamuk: Estambul: ciudad y recuerdos

Mondadori, 2006 (436 pàgines)

Pamuk barreja les memries i  els records amb el retrat duna ciutat que es troba a cavall entre Europa i sia. Comprenc que Istanbul, on vaig nixer i on he passat tota la meva vida, s per a mi un dest inqestionable. Aquest llibre s sobre aquest dest.

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Comentaris dels usuaris:
16-11-2017 97IvQ2ntX
Gee whiz, and I thhgout this would be hard to find out.
13-05-2003 KbFmtNMgWf
It's hard to give an answer to a broad quesiton like that as it's directed at an entire continent. However, I do believe that the spectrum of people who are against Turkey's joining the EU is indeed broad and crosses party lines. There's a wide range of reasons people disapprove of Turkey.You have the more conservative Christian groups within Europe that are against Turkey's membership for more religious, cultural and moral reasons as well as left wing groups who concentrate more on human rights and democracy issues. Thus, I don't think it's correct to paint only one side of the political spectrum as opposing Turkey's eventual membership. Perhaps I should have made that clear in the post. Excellent quesiton!
12-09-2026 bWDKaUjlbOCRoqCtIh
write! please! anithyng! you indicate that the writing process helps you feel more alive and connected. it works both ways- reading what you write helps me feel more alive and connected too. thank you for this blog.
30-11-2006 santi fonfra
Es repeteix tot sovint sobre l'amargor i la grisor d'Istambul


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