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Ani DiFranco: Evolve

Righteous babe records, 2002

Aquesta cantautora novaiorquesa s infatigable. En 15 anys de carrera msical ha editat uns 15 LP. Evolve va ser el 12. Al marge de la industria i de les modes, autoeditat, en aquest Cd Difranco mostra que s una dona molt inquieta: s'acosta al jazz, flirteja amb el funk, deixa sonar pianos, trompetes, clarinets i saxos, i s'allunya definitivament de la imatge de noia-amb-guitarra. Est clar que en el cap de DiFranco bullen les idees, potser en excs i tot.


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13-02-2021 YBjETicIMv
I wouldn't give it a stack of stars, but that's a dlpeey personal issue for me. I have, can, and will have an ear for all of these artists but many of them evoke some heavy emotion that my testosterone falls short of reckoning with!Elastica, love em. Bjork, reminds me of eating mushrooms. Alanis Morisette- saw her live in 97 and wish that I could remember more of it. Good tune though. Emmylou, all good. Ani- no one with any taste can listen to her and not appreciate her talent, and she reminds me of getting my ass kicked when I stepped in to stop two girls fighting. Garbage- I listen because I crush on her, and the band is good too ;)Annie Lennox ah, my Achille's heel! She's awesome, I listen, and I hate her.Good job Carl. Excellent selection. Thank you!
12-09-2026 mPyImPyCe
I just think that is awesome. It's gonna be amnziag for you to watch your partner go through it now that you've done it twice and for her to go through what you've already gone through. Wow and I was wondering if the daddy would be Keith or Hans. I think it makes sense to keep Keith as the "Big Daddy" of all, since the kids will all be biologically, as well as familially, related. How wonderful and exciting. I am so happy for ya'll. What if it's a girl????-Shirin


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