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Azar Nafisi: Leer "Lolita" en Tehern

El Aleph, 2003 (446 pàgines)

Un cop per setmana i durant ms de dos anys, Azar Nafisi, professora de literatura de la Universitat de Teheran expedientada per negar-se a dur el vel, va reunir a casa seva a set de les seves alumnes per llegir i comentar algunes de les novelles occidentals prohibides pel rgim dels aiatolls.

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Comentaris dels usuaris:
16-11-2017 dzgynwhwd1
Vijay…I was exactly in the same page of what you wrote for santy – “His comments are bigger than the post” – that’s why I commented and re&o8mandedc#m230;I think your comments are for Masti Ki Paatshala not Anil :)
13-05-2003 uNsZlgsset
This is tough, oh best beloved, but even cdnisoering the genius of Just So Stories, and the Cat who Walked By Herself, and the Elephant's, crap. I LOVED the Dahl stories, loved them, was totally going to vote for them,, but I may have just talked myself into a vote for Kipling.Can my daughter vote too? She LOVES all things Dahl, and as a 12 year old, she should know. ;)
12-08-2021 eFSSvJtGw
because she refused to wear the veil. She tells of the eeftcfs of the eight year long Iraq/Iran war on the women of Tehran, the tyranny of the religious leaders who issue their decrees as though they came directly from God. Nafisi's story is one of change, tyranny, fascism, and the failure in the 20th century to defend women when their identity and their humanity are stolen in the name of religion. It is also the story of personal courage, intelligence, commitment, and love. Nafisi lead a book discussion group for a select group of women in her home in Tehran before leaving Iran. The forbidden fruit that they read was Lolita, Pride and Prejudice, Daisy Miller, and the Great Gatsby! They risked so much to do this; they risked imprisonment, beatings, rape, and perhaps execution. She tells her story and some of the stories of her students through these group discussions. She has changed the name of the women that are still alive to protect them. She tells one of her student's stories. While in prison she knew of guards who repeatedly raped a young beautiful girl. They justified this punishment because their heinous acts would deny her access to heaven. In this interpretation of Islam, only virgins could go to heaven and God has no punishment for the rapists.We, in the USA, live such safe, comfortable lives even in the wake of 9/11. Our free public libraries, bookstores, and provide such easy access to Nabokov, Austen, James, and Fitzgerald, and yet so few of us read them. We post public reviews on controversial books on accepting the minimal risk of a negative vote. What do we know of the Iranian revolution that in the name of Islam has made women invisible, that has morality police, and bans these dangerous books? Our respect for religious freedom makes us tenuous in dealing with atrocities committed in God's name! I highly recommend this book. Note to the author: if you are reading this, thank you for you have given us all a glimpse of Upsilamba!
07-05-2010 Marta
Azar Nafisi aconsegueix retratar una realitat social i poltica a travs d'unes experincies particulars, altament recomanable!
27-06-2007 carlota
Crec que aquest llibre s molt bo per tots els lectors, crec que hos pot agredar molt, i fer-vos passarr una molt bona estona, divertida i apassionant llegint aquest llebre.
Esperu que hus animeu i que el llegiu, s molt interessant, El recomanu per majors de 14 anys.




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